Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Dick’s Scores with ScoreCard Mobile/Loyalty/Social App

I was pleasantly surprised this morning - actually delighted - to find in my Inbox a message from Dick’s Sporting Goods with the subject line “Download Our App and Score 50 Bonus Points When You Sign In.”  Wow, something I wanted, and I would be rewarded for getting it. You may recall me complementing Dick’s execution at the POS in my previous post, Email Me That Receipt Please!, but this social/mobile/loyalty app is a brilliant move by Dick’s!

I spend a lot of money at Dick’s Sporting Goods … more than I like to admit … but if you have kids in youth sports and/or Scouts I’m sure you can relate.  Not only do the various seasons (sports & camping) have you constantly replenishing your kid’s clothes and gear, but you have to throw in some goodies for yourself.  I’m not gonna be that Dad with the too short shorts on the ball field, but I am embracing recovery since I do occasionally ask myself, “how many colors of UnderArmour Cold Gear shirts do I really need?”

Dick’s Scorecard loyalty program worked for me since it kept me coming back.  It’ structured something like this … spend $300 and get $10 off along with some cool coupons that jumpstart you towards your next reward.  Not overly generous, but enough to make me feel some recognition of being a good customer.  But despite good execution at the POS the program contained some old school components that were showing their age.

Paper Rewards & Coupons delivered by the US postal service.  I’m sure I accidentally threw a few out … great for Dick’s but bad for me.  And my “spur of the moment” jaunts to a store often times had me cursing silently to myself about forgetting the rewards & coupons at home or in the other car’s glovebox.  The new mobile app shows me redeemed and unredeemed rewards and allows me to redeem at the POS with a bar code or on the website with an online code.

Paper/Plastic Rewards Cards or account lookup at the POS is now replaced by scanning my phone. I long ago lost my physical Dick’s rewards card so I became accustomed to the drill of LAST NAME, FIRST INITIAL, ZIP CODE… please.  I have been using an app called Key Ring to aggregate my rewards cards on my phone, but it was hit or miss on locations that had the correct bar code scanners (to read the app) so I never added my Dick’s card to it, but I’d been thinking about it recently.  Heck, the POS DRILL mentioned above worked so I was in no hurry … but now Dick’s has locked me in to their mobile/loyalty/social app before I strayed.

Non-targeted emails from Dick’s came to me like clockwork – the offers were ONLY for ordering from their website.  They knew I was a customer but why didn’t they know that I only purchased in-store?  Problem solved with the mobile app’s WEEKLY AD feature that shows me sales by location.  If you prefer to shop online the app will take you right to Dick’s online store too.

Social Media Integration is also part of the mobile app.  I don’t see a value proposition (yet) that would motivate me to  BE A FAN ON FACEBOOK or FOLLOW US ON TWITTER, but I have a soft spot for mobile gamification and like their direct integration with Foursquare.  I always CHECK IN when I visit retail locations so using this feature was great for me … but for non foursquare folks – what’s the value proposition to motivate them.  That said, great start on tying in social too.

Lastly, registration was pretty painless and all took place on my device of choice.  The only data point I remembered was the email address that Dick’s knew – they would email me receipts for purchases as well as those aforementioned pesky online offers.  Within a couple of minutes I was up and running.  Great job with this app Dicks!  I will be watching for some other customer engagement that you work into it. Keeping setting the pace for consumer loyalty programs.